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The restaurant is located in the old cellar, changed into a refined dining room which offers the warm and homely atmosphere of the past. It is like going back to the time of the old photos of XIX century's Alinari's brothers hanging on the walls. Its walls are still witnesses of of a time in which it was used to leave salami hanging down to season with no hurry, according to the Tuscan tradition.

They remind us of a time in which large earthenware jars were filled with olive oil and the wood stove cooked the bread for the week. They smell of the strong and pure wine which is still served here while outside, for centuries, the land continues to give its exquisively pure and genuine grapes.


Rustic and modern elements contribute to the simple and understated atmosphere, and make it the ideal place to taste the gourmet dishes which the Chechi family prepare from old recipes passed over from mother to daughter. The family cooking tradition dates back to Denise's greatgrandmother who owned in the 50s a restaurant in Montepulciano famous for the delicious "trippa alla fiorentina" which was cooked there.

Every morning, in the restaurant, is also served breakfast ,which includes, according to the continental tradition: a large buffet of international and local foods and a large variety of home made cakes, focaccine with stracchino cheese and bruschette with tomato sauce.