Nibbiano has an historical name which dates back to the Romans who occupied these rolling hills at the feet of the sandstone and travertine natural stronghold on the top of which is built Montepulciano.

The name in fact does not originate from Nibbio (a sort of bird of prey which is quite popular on the sky of the Valdichiana), but from "Naevianum praedium" which means "countryhouse of the Nevii family", a family from the south of Italy who had established here during the Roman domination.

Nibbiano, the suggestive name, only adds to the ideal location of the farmhouse, sheltered from strong winds but airy, surrounded by century-old oaks, situated in a landscape of wild beauty mixed with well arranged, cultivated fields.

Medieval documents have proved the existence of Podere Nibbiano since XIV century, although we can reasonably think that it must be situated on the place of the ancient roman country house or not far from it.

The original structure of the farmhouse is a barbican stone and brick wall typical of the most beautiful and oldest farmhouses in Tuscany which was also earthquake resistant. The rest of the house is in stone and bricks. Some parts added between XVII and XIX century and the most recent restorations have given the farmhouse its present shape.


About 20 years ago, Nibbiano becomes family Chechi"s property. The dream of a relaxed, calm and simple life with a bucolic background, perfect to raise children, but very close to urbanity of Montepulciano was translated into the purchase and the restoration of the farmhouse, thanks to the dreamer Franco.

Together with his wife Loretta, his 12-year-old daughter Denise, the little Daniele and, later, Davide, the puppy of the family.

A dreamer, Franco, because he was not born from an agricultural family, though he falls in love with the countryside of Nibbiano. He decides to re-organize it in respect of the nature: he plants fruit trees and olive trees and he buys animals to breed. With his dream, Franco wins his family over, especially Loretta who is a teacher at the kindergarten of Montepulciano and who marries Franco at the age of 20. Thanks to Franco"s mother, Loretta learns the art of cooking and she soon becomes an excellent chef.

Nibbiano agritourism begins its adventure as one of the first agritourism of this area in 1993 and when in 2002 Franco lets his elder daughter Denise manage the structure, she gets attached to her family enterprise with a strength and an energy that only a real woman can have when things get tough.