The restaurant is located in the old basement that has been changed into an authentic dining room. Its warm and homely atmosphere makes our guests feel like they"ve been thrown back in an old picture of Alinaris brothers at the end of the XIX century. Denise and Loretta keep alive the story of what happened between these walls. In fact, at that time, it was used to leave salami hanging down to season with no hurry, according to the Tuscan tradition.

They remind us of a time in which large earthenware jars were filled with olive oil and the wood stove cooked the bread for the week. They smell of the strong wine that is still served nowadays while outside – as it has been for centuries – the land keeps producing pure and genuine fruits.

The dining room is characterized by rusticity and modernity and at the same time it is elegant: an ideal place for tasting the gourmet dishes which the Chechi family prepares from about a century to honour Denise, Daniele and Davide"s greatgrandmother. In fact in the 50s, their greatgrandmother owned a restaurant in Montepulciano and it was famous for the delicious “trippa alla fiorentina” which was cooked there.

Furthermore, every morning in the restaurant it is served a breakfast according to the continental tradition: it includes a large buffet of international and local foods and a large variety of homemade cakes, “focaccine” with stracchino cheese and “bruschette” with tomato sauce.


The hardworking Denise is helped by Daniele and Davide, who attend to the farming activities from sowing to harvesting. They have also set up a greenhouse where they grow vegetables without using pesticides.

The incredible number of snails and wild fennels are considered proof of an uncontaminated territory as they are the first to disappear in case of pollution. The young leader of the farm, Denise, prepares herself a large number of products: liqueurs such as “limoncello” or others made out of herbs.

She also prepares wrapped dehydrated legumes (beans and chickpea) and “cosce di monaca” plum jam (it is an old and local variety of wild plum particularly appreciated for its special taste), apricot, pear, and cherry jam also employed in the making of the exquisite fruit cakes which are served at breakfast.

Nibbiano is also renown for the production of honey - its 20 beehives produce different kinds of honey (royal jelly and propolis on request) – and for the production of an extraordinary extra-virgin olive oil, Denise"s passion. She is in fact a member of the Frantoio cooperativo of Montepulciano.